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Welcome to TNS-IMEX A/S

We can offer a wide range of machinery, equipment and spare parts for all kinds of building and construction, contractor, drainage, degradation, crushing, screening and recycling tasks, please do not hesitate to call us. We are importing and exporting machinery, equipment and spare parts to and from all countries.

Used Machines

TNS IMEX A / S has always some used machines in stock and these machines can be seen in the category "Used machines".

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New Machines

We try to be far ahead of our competitors in some important points when selecting new products or when talking with our existing suppliers.

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TNS IMEX A / S have spare parts for all kinds of construction equipment and all kinds of crushing and sorting equipment.

"Hard to find" and "Never heard of" parts are our specialty!

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We have over the years expanded our range to include various exciting machines and equipment from crushing and screening equipment for demolition, all forms of drainage equipment for agricultural and sports fields drainage, installation of pressure pipes and dewatering drainage for groundwater lowering, digging boxes, wind shifters for installation on existing mobile equipment, aluminum loading + drive ramps and walkways, etc. We have always been aware of getting machinery and equipment that has a quality and performance that is top quality and condition and therefore perfectly suited for Scandinavian customers and Scandinavian working conditions, so machines and equipment from TNS-IMEX A/S is among the world’s most preferred.