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About Us

A little background history

TNS-IMEX owned by Thomas Nordsted Sorensen and Ingvard Clausen. Thomas Nordsted Sorensen is the founder of the company has a background as a mechanic and have performed service and repairs on machinery especially crusher machines in both Denmark and abroad. In 1997, Thomas Nordsted Sorensen started the company Thomas N. Sorensen Machine Systems ApS. from a small office at his residence. After some years he joined a friend in and the company changed its name to SC IMEX A / S. They introduced PVC-free drain pipe to the Danish market. After several years the 2 owners decided to split the company into two new companies, where TNS – IMEX A / S is one of them, which is still owned by Thomas Nordsted Sorensen together with his half-brother Ingvard Clausen, who has now a 50% ownership. Ingvard Clausen has a background as a mechanical engineer and has experience from the many different countries he has worked in. He has a great knowledge of how things work and how it works under different conditions.

New machines, newer used equipment and spare parts

In the early years, it was only younger used equipment and new spare parts we offered, but over the years, our customers have asked for new machinery and equipment. We constantly travel out in the big world to visit fairs and exhibitions to see and get new ideas for new machines for the Danish market.

Demolition, recycling, drainage and screening

We have a good knowledge of the equipment we sell. We can operate most of them ourselves, and therefore it is easy for us to understand the problematic and wishes that you may have. We sold and are still selling a lot of machinery and equipment for demolition and quarrying and recycling. We have extensive knowledge of machinery for draining and therefore we are having the biggest share of the market in Denmark for large self-propelled machines. Since 2007 we sold new crushers and screening equipment from Keestrack with full satisfaction, not at least from our customers and therefor also ourselves, we even have twice delivered Keestrack Frontier modified screening machines for 2nd and 3rd stage of the difficult Demining project in Skallingen here in Denmark.

Innovation and open-minded

Innovation and open-minded plays a major role in the way we run our business. We – and also our suppliers – always try to constantly be on the highest professional level to ensure that our customers can take advantage of machines and equipment, such as:

– Are more user-friendly

– Has lower fuel consumption

– Has a better design and the best transport dimensions

– Have a higher quality

– Has a fair purchase price

– Have a higher resale value

– Is build up on well-known easy to get components

It is important for us that machinery and equipment are manufactured by companies that have a sufficient spare parts stock and good road connections. They must meet the European labor and environmental rules, and they must have a good financial solvency ratio. We make sure that all manufacturers are willing to make individual customer specified changes on their products if it is possible and safe.

Thomas Nordsted Sorensen: tns@tns-imex.dk Ingvard Clausen: ic@tns-imex.dk General: info@tns-imex.dk